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The Miele Expertise

Gaining from more than 100 years of cleaning expertise

WetCare Expertise Back in 1991, Miele, together with the soap manufacturer Kreussler, invented WetCare – a process that is still used in many cleaning establishments to this day.

The process specializes in cleaning sensitive fabrics without the use of harsh, damaging chemicals, thus ensuring optimal cleaning results.

With our patented Honeycomb drums and low water and energy consumption, fabrics are cleaned more effectively and last significantly longer. Concerned about drying?

We’ve got you covered – Miele now not only offers WetCare washing machines, but also several different WetCare dryers equipped with unique programs ( including one for down and synthetic bedding) to suit your needs.

With more than 100 years of cleaning expertise, Miele's WetCare systems are designed to provide everything you’ve hoped for and more with our easy-to-use and well-manufactured products.